Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) Detailing​

Aluminium composite cladding system or ACP is typically a metal curtain wall system. ACP is made from light weight aluminium with hard insulation. Aluminium composite cladding is used for exterior cladding, column covers, fascias and canopies, interior wall and partition panels, parapets, louvers and sunshades.

Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) Detailing​​ Exterior View

We have extensive experience and skill set in providing ACP fabrication drawings and ACP installation drawings for offices,  shopping malls, apartments and hospitals. Our expertise in ACP detailing also include 2D & 3D detailing & drafting. We have a highly successful track record and a growing but repetitive clientele which prove the value of our services. We meet the client’s demands and expectations with focus on quality and reliability.