Optimization & Value

Our team provides technical evaluation and ensures the specification calls for the highest achievable quality in a given cost and time frame. At design stage, optimal material and system selection, independent strategy advice, coordination of key interdisciplinary interface areas add to the overall package efficiency.

Adaptation and optimization of facade systems, solutions and production procedures for a specific project, taking into account functionality, sustainability, costs, assembly, logistics, installation and fitting

 ACROBOX provides value engineering reviews on existing design documentations and assist contractors with efficient system design, including alternative systems, accurate section sizing, optimal glazing design, time gain via pre-assembly methods without compromising on design objectives.

We work with our clients budget to accurately estimate the project requirements, and take actions where adjustment is necessary.

We can tailor our services to suit the requirements for Architects, Engineers, Main Contractors, Specialist Façade Contractors, and Suppliers groups for the best possible cost-benefit ratio.