service provider

In these challenging economic conditions, most businesses are struggling to tightly manage their operational costs without reducing the quality of their services. Seen as the most prevalent answer to this challenge, 68% of businesses currently resort to outsourcing creating an estimated 17% – 26% engineering cost savings on average according to Statista Research Department, Nov 4, 2020.
That said, most companies face some challenges in working with a third-party service provider. Some of these challenges are:
• Inability to monitor outsourced work progress and activity
• Scarcity of special technical skills and expertise that fill in the gap in the
current employee pool
• Disconnect from project overall daily activities
• Risk of security breaches

What if you could outsource your projects to a full solution subcontracting platform that offers you a set of services addressing all the above challenges. With our comprehensive service at Acrobox, you will be able to work with experts who will be part of the daily activities of the projects including site meetings, fabrication, and installation monitoring. Improving the operational efficiency as such will lead directly to increasing your profitability and eventually growing your business, which is what we at Acrobox ultimately focus on.