Who We Are

Our team brings together innovative ideas and problem-solving attitudes. We focus on being specialised in specific areas of engineering rather than being ‘generalists’ in many disciplines and as a result we provide high quality engineering services, technical skills and competence in our chosen fields of expertise. Clients repeatedly call on us because we deliver solutions that are practical, cost effective and with a focus on innovation and constructability. We also strive to build personal relationships within our industry founded on trust and integrity.

  • ACROBOX is a solution oriented, integrated platform connecting the façade sub-contractors to experienced, cost efficient, and technologically superior façade engineering, suppliers expert in the world.
  • We bring to bear our network of global suppliers to provide cheaper and yet technically superior alternatives to locally produced and/or locally procured materials.
  • We are able to share through the workflow with architects, consultants, and developers in providing solutions to design requirements as opposed to adjusting requirements based on availability and technical limitations of local dealers.
  • ACROBOX team including technical engineers with decades of experience on façade engineering which helps in working collaboratively with our clients as a solution-oriented platform that is not biased or limited in its in-house resources.
  • We are not limiting our self to the city, country, or even part of the world we currently based in. Remote work is all the rage nowadays, which is why more and more companies opt for outsourcing
  • A supply chain “network” between ACROBOX and its suppliers to produce and distribute a specific product to the final buyer. This network includes different activities, people, entities, information, and resources.

Why Acrobox


We have proven track record of more than a decade in the industry. Presently we have branches in UAE & Canada.


We have experienced staff that is trained in taking care of even the smallest detailing that makes the project standout .


We are equipped with the best client acquisition and operations team to increase our efficiency for our clients.


We make sure that the quality of raw material and other resources used are of the world best quality to increase the durability.


Strong foundation, decade's experience, our goodwill and big market coverage has helped us achieve high level of client satisfaction.


We have dedicated process for every project that is followed to take care of timeline and standards to meet the clients expectations.